5 Questions With… MP. Steven Blaney

  1. Quels étaient vos modèles politiques grandissant?blaney

J’ai toujours admiré Daniel Johnson qui a été premier ministre du Québec dans une période tumultueuse, ayant su se réinventer et affirmer l’identité québécoise tout en contribuant à bâtir un état moderne.


1)Who were your political role model(s) growing up?

I have always admired Daniel Johnson, who was Premier of Quebec in a tumultuous period, having known how to reinvent himself and assert Quebec identity while helping to build a modern state.

  1. Quand êtes-vous devenu actif en politique et pourquoi?

Je me suis d’abord impliqué en politique provinciale pour promouvoir l’équité intergénérationnelle (…)


2.When did you become active in Conservative politics and why?

I first got involved in provincial politics to promote intergenerational equity.

  1. Quel est le livre le plus important qu’un jeune conservateur devrait lire et pourquoi?

Je recommande le livre “Fights of Our Lives: Elections, Leadership and the Making of Canada” écrit par John Duffy qui explique les enjeux et les stratégies des acteurs politiques de toutes les grandes campagnes électorales canadiennes.


3.What is the most important/useful book(s) a young Conservative should read and why?

I recommend the book “Fights of Our Lives: Elections, Leadership and the Making of Canada” written by John Duffy which explains the issues and strategies of political actors in all major Canadian electoral campaigns.

  1. Selon vous, quels sont les problèmes actuels et futurs les plus importants pour les jeunes Canadiens?

De nombreuses opportunités se présentent  pour les jeunes Canadiens, améliorer leur qualité de vie tout en affrontant les changements démographiques, climatiques et sociaux sera leur plus grand défi.


4.What do you see as the most important current and future issues for young Canadians?

There are many opportunities for young Canadians, improving their quality of life while facing demographic, climatic and social changes will be their greatest challenge.

  1. Quel est le meilleur moyen pour un jeune de s’impliquer en politique?

Le meilleur moyen de s’engager en politique est de militer avec un leader ayant une vision claire ou au sein d’une formation politique qui nous inspire et nous motive.


5.What is the best way for a young person to get involved in the Conservative Party?

The best way to get involved in politics is to engage with a leader with a clear vision or within a political party that inspires and motivates us.


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5 Questions With… MP. Damien C. Kurek

1. Who were your political role model(s) growing up?damien

Great question. I would count a few people as political role models but also have role models like my father and two late grandfathers who have demonstrated character and how to serve my community well. In terms of political mentors, Kevin Sorenson was my MP growing up and encouraged me to get involved at a young age and provided tremendous opportunities to be able to get involved in the Conservative movement and allowed me to help serve the people of Battle River-Crowfoot. Brad Wall, who I had the honour to work with and see how he was able to inspire a province that had been held back by left-leaning ideologies.

2. When did you become active in Conservative politics and why?

I have been passionate about politics for as long as I can remember. I first got involved in 2006 at age 15 after having the opportunity to meet then PM Stephen Harper. It was early 2007 that I was first elected to a local Conservative EDA and have been involved, volunteered, studied, and worked in politics since. When Kevin Sorenson announced he was going to be retiring, many people reached out and encouraged me to run to succeed him. When my wife and I decided that I would put my name forward we got to work, assembled a team, and worked hard to connect with the people of Battle River-Crowfoot. It is an honour to now have the opportunity to serve those people in Parliament with a strong mandate.

3. What is the most important/useful book(s) a young Conservative should read and why?

I love reading biographies to understand the lives, decisions, and legacy of those in the past. One of my favourites is the Last Lion trilogy by William Manchester. I would also suggest that people take advantage of audiobooks so that even in the midst of busy lives, you can still get through books.

4. What do you see as the most important current and future issues for young Canadians?

The young people I speak to want to see leadership that empowers them. They have seen left-wing movements leech the hope of their future, diminish freedom, and tell them their voice is not relevant unless they subscribe to a narrow understanding of the world. Many young people want to make a difference, and Conservatives have, do, and should ensure they do just that.

5. What is the best way for a young person to get involved in the Conservative Party?

Get involved, decisions are made by those who show up and young people have a lot to offer the Conservative movement. Show up at a local EDA meeting, call and book a meeting with your MP, and volunteer during an election. Plus, make sure you spend time caring about your community, that is the basis of political involvement.

5 Questions With… MP. Eric Melillo

1) Who were your political role model(s) growing up? eric meillo

My political role model and mentor has been current Kenora-Rainy River MPP Greg Rickford. In his previous capacity as the MP for Kenora, Mr. Rickford was instrumental in sparking my interest in politics at a young age – by placing trust in me to take on important roles within his campaign and the local riding association. He continues to be a great friend and I’m excited to work with him now that we are political counterparts.


2) When did you become active in Conservative politics and why? 

I first became formally active in Conservative politics during the 2015 federal election campaign. I did so because I believe future generations need a government that will take a responsible spending approach to protect critical services and provide more opportunities for all.

3) What is the most important/useful book(s) a young Conservative should read and why?

Perhaps an obvious choice – Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Right Here Right Now is a must-read for young Conservatives. This book provides incredibly important analysis into global political trends, the impact on everyday people, and how Conservatives can respond.

4) What do you see as the most important current and future issues for young Canadians?

I believe one of the largest issues facing young Canadians is the increasing amount of government debt that is threatening the sustainability of our social systems. It is so important that we elect governments that will be fiscally responsible as a means to creating a brighter future for the next generation.

5)What is the best way for a young person to get involved in the Conservative Party?

There is no better way to get involved than to take out a membership and/or volunteer with the party. This is a great way to make your voice heard, build your network, gain experience, and help elect Conservatives across the country.

5 Questions With… MP(elect) Michael Kram

1.) Who were your political role model(s) growing up?kram

Sir John A MacDonald.

2.) When did you become active in politics and why?

I first became active in Conservative politics in late 2003. At that time I had finished my first university degree and was working full-time, and that was also when the old Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative parties were merging into one. There was also a federal election campaign on the horizon. So all of these circumstances aligned at the right time for me to get involved.

3.) What is the most important/useful book(s) a young Conservative should read and why?

I would recommend The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Politics is all about working well with others, even with those with whom you disagree. This book is a good guide to help you do exactly that.

4.) What do you see as the most important current and future issues for young Canadians?

I don’t like to distinguish between issues that face young Canadians and issues that face everyone else. I find that most issues tend to affect everyone in one way or another. When it comes to my riding of Regina-Wascana, I would have to say the recent slow-down in the resource sector has to be the biggest issue, and so getting pipelines built and getting the resource sector moving in the right direction is a priority for me.

5.) What is the best way for a young person to get involved in Politics and the Conservative party?

The best way for anyone to get involved is to become a member of the party and find out what is going on with the local riding association. So show up to the local annual general meeting. If there are vacancies on the board of directors, then let your name stand to be a director. If they are planning a fundraising event, volunteer to be on the committee. If they are not planning a fundraising event, then volunteer to chair the committee yourself. The biggest problem I find is that people think there is nothing to do between elections, but if you are always organizing fundraising and other activities then when it’s time for an election campaign much of the groundwork is already done.

Getting to Know… Ghada Melek

Why did you decide to run for the Conservative nomination in your riding?melek

Maybe the first question should be about the most important issue in the upcoming election because this is exactly why I decided to run.

I have lived in Mississauga Streetsville, a community that is rich with history, culture, and diversity, for the past 15 years.

Whether people grew up here or immigrated from different parts of the world, most share the same goals and dreams. They want to be able to afford to buy a home, caring for their children and aging parents, and saving for retirement. Many are entrepreneurs who want to work hard but expect to enjoy the fruit of their labour. However, under the failing economic policies of the Liberal government, and in just four years, these dreams became out of reach for many. Many Canadian families are struggling to make ends meet, and the spirit of entrepreneurship is being extinguished.


What do you feel is the most important issue in the upcoming election?

I decided to run in this election because I want to bring prosperity back to Canada and my community of Mississauga-Streetsville. I want life to become once again more affordable, and under a Conservative government, to put money back in Canadians’ pockets.


What is the best way for a person to get involved in your campaign?

Today we are only a few days away from the most critical election in Canadian history, and our campaign is working hard to secure victory. There are never enough volunteers in a campaign, so we welcome more help.

You can support my campaign by liking and sharing my news on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as by volunteering with us through the campaign office

Key Race Profile… Mississauga- Streetsville.

Mississauga_StreetsvilleIn our latest edition of Key Race Profiles, we will be looking at a riding that will be extremely important to all parties and will be a good indicator of how the election may lean, we are looking at the riding of Mississauga- Streetsville. This is a riding that Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives desperately want to win and think that we will.  The riding of Streetsville-Mississauga has bounced back and forth from Conservative to Liberals (with the liberals taking it back in the last election). But, the importance of this riding and ridings like it cannot be overstated.

Firstly it is in the (905) region of the province.  This will be a huge reason why a party will be given the mandate to govern. Winning in the “905” region will indicate who message has resonated most in the country. This is an area with urban, suburban and rural areas that are filled with upper, middle and lower class Canadians. To take a majority of the 905 will be a huge win. Having said this Mississauga- Streetsville is a perfect microcosm of all that the 905 entails. It is a large riding with a population of over 100,000 people with a household median income of over $100,000.00. which puts it as one of the more affluent ridings in the country. At the date of publishing (October 16th ) the party is currently polling 4pts up and has a 64% chance of winning the riding.*

The party is also thrilled with our candidate who is representing Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives in Mississauga- Streetsville, Ms. Ghada Melek. Ms. Melek is a long-time resident of the riding and will be an asset to all of its residents. Ms. Melek is an engineer by trade and has an extensive background in the energy sector and infrastructure which will be of great benefit. To learn more about Ms. Melek and why she has decided to run to represent the great people of Mississauga- Streetsville see her replies to “Getting to Know”.



Getting To Know… Marty Morantz

1.Why did you decide to run for the Conservative nomination in your riding?marty

After spending four years on Winnipeg City Council, two as Finance Chair and two as Infrastructure Chair representing the community I came to have serious concerns with how the current Liberal Government was managing the Federal Budget while at the same time not effectively following through on its Infrastructure commitments. The Prime Minister promised to balance the budget by 2019 and did not keep that promise. Meanwhile, major infrastructure projects in Winnipeg have remained unfunded. I also became concerned about the state of our foreign and international trade relationships. Also, the SNC Lavalin Scandal made clear serious ethical lapses within the current government. Canada is a rule of law nation. Political Interference by the PMO in a major criminal prosecution is a line a government should never cross. During my time on Council we were able to get a lot of projects done in the community and it is that type of positive energy I would like to bring to Parliament. Given these concerns, I decided to not run for re-election as City Councillor but rather to be part of a Conservative team focused on making life more affordable for all Canadians.

2.Who are your role models both political and outside of politics that inspired you to run for office?

In terms of politics, I would have to say the most impressive politician of the 20th century would have to be Winston Churchill. He was a great communicator but most importantly he had the courage of his convictions while under tremendous pressure from his own government and allies to change course. Former Manitoba Premier Gary Filmon always impressed me as a forward-thinking yet pragmatic leader. As Premier of Manitoba he managed to balance the Provincial Budget and introduce Balanced Budget legislation while keeping taxes low for Manitobans. He also served Manitobans interests well during the tumultuous Meech Lake Accord negotiations. Outside of Politics, my role models are my parents. We always held court around the dinner table. They instilled in me the importance of honour, ethics, education, and hard work.

3.What do you feel is the most important issue in the upcoming election?

Affordability is the most important issue for the average Canadian. People are just getting by. The Conservative Party is the only Party trying to make life more affordable and to help people get ahead. Instead of constantly looking for new ways to tax people and small business we believe that a dollar left in the hands of the person who earned it will be better used than in the hands of a politician who taxed it.

4.What is the best way for a person to get involved in your campaign?

The heart of a successful election campaign is volunteers. They are always welcome. They can contact my campaign at info@martymorantz.ca.