Getting to Know… James Cumming

  1. Why did you decide to run for the Conservative nomination in your riding? Forjames cumming

over thirty years I have been an entrepreneur in Edmonton and have been

actively volunteering on a variety of not for profit and community

organizations. I, like many other people in our community, have expressed my

dissatisfaction with many policies that have been instituted by government at

all levels. It became clear to me that if you want to be part of the solution you

should step up and run for office. I was approached by Laurie Hawn, the

former MP for Edmonton Centre, and after discussion with my family I decided

the time was right for me to do my part. Edmonton Centre was the natural fit

as I have lived in the riding all my life.

2)Who are your role models both political and outside of politics that inspired

you to run for office?

Growing up in our home, Sunday dinners included robust

political and philosophical discussions. My father instilled in me the

importance of service to your community and country and demonstrated it

with his actions. He without question had an enormous influence on my

business life and desire to run. I am also Inspired by several political leaders

who were great statesman and provided incredible leadership during periods

of change. Internationally Churchill, Thatcher, Reagan all come to mind. From

a Canadian perspective Brian Mulroney, Stephen Harper, Peter Lougheed and

more recently Brad Wall have all demonstrated how strong pragmatic

leadership can accomplish great results.

3)What do you feel is the most important issue in the upcoming election?

Without question it has to be the economy. Large deficits, lack of market access for

products, excessive regulation and added taxation have all impacted business

growth and the ability for people to get ahead. I have heard this time over

time on the thousands of doors I have knocked on.

4)What is the best way for a person to get involved in your campaign?

Send me an email to and we will absolutely find a role for you.

We expect a tough campaign and the more folks that get involved the better

likelihood we will succeed.

5)What book would you recommend to young Conservatives getting started in

campaigns and politics?

I have always been a believer in applied learning so I

would recommend biographies of individuals who have demonstrated successes

and failures during their careers. For me, reading and learning about how

someone had accomplished their goals and have made a difference will serve

you well in any campaign or political environment.


Key Race Profile… Edmonton Centre

Our next installment of the Key Race Candidates is focused on a riding that I feel is a Edmonton_Centregood litmus for whether or not the Liberals under Justin Trudeau have any sort of credibility in Alberta, and my guess is that they most certainly do not. The next edition is focusing on the beautiful riding of Edmonton Centre and the Conservative Candidate James Cumming.

As I mentioned previously the best and most fair way to try to determine how a community will vote is to look to their past voting habits and try to gauge the likelihood that they will vote in a certain way, and I will never go back more than two or three elections as this will probably not give you very accurate data as any longer will be giving results from people who no longer live in the community nor will it reflect those who have moved into it.  I feel that using these two points will be able to give us a pretty good idea of how strong a chance the Conservative Party has in taking the seat.

The riding of Edmonton Centre was most certainly a huge surprise after the 2015 election and this is a surprise that I do not feel will repeat itself. The Conservatives most likely feel victim to a protest vote (which I am sure was immediately regretted about a month after they cast the vote).  The riding of Edmonton Centre is a Conservative stronghold and I am absolutely positive it will return to this. If one looks at past results we can see that from 2006-2015 the Conservatives dominated federal politics in Edmonton Centre and after the 2006 race the Conservative candidate (MP. Laurie Hawn) won by over 10,000 votes, that’s right 10,000 (in 2006 MP. Hawn won by approx. 3000 votes) in the next two elections. This is not a tossup and the fact that the Conservatives were able to hold onto a 5 digit margin over two elections is quite telling as to the political leanings of this riding.  The current MP, Randy Boissonnault won by a mere 1199 votes. This indicates a pretty strong precedent that the riding of Edmonton Centre does not lean Liberal and that this result was a mere anomaly. I feel it is also important to mention that the Liberal party under Justin Trudeau has basically allowed the federal relationship with Alberta to evaporate.

On top of all of this the riding is being contested by the Conservative party with an absolutely fantastic candidate James Cumming. Mr Cumming is no stranger to federal politics and was the candidate who ran against MP. Boissonnault in 2015 losing by a minuscule amount. I have absolutely no doubt that the great people of Edmonton Centre will in fact go back to the traditional voting habits and elect James Cumming to the House of Commons giving its citizens a true champion for Edmonton Centre and Alberta. To learn more about James Cumming check out his “Getting to Know” segment.

5 Questions With… Sean Weir Candidate Oakville North Burlington.

  1. Who were your political role model(s) growing up?sean weir

My father, who was Chairman of the local school board. I recall door knocking with him as a boy. Both he and I are proud that several schools were built under his leadership. On a national basis, John Diefenbaker stands out as a fearless advocate standing up for the interests of everyday Canadians and their rights and freedoms.

  1. When did you become active in Conservative politics and why?

Shortly after university I began volunteering for local Conservative candidates and riding associations. I became more involved after serving as a Councillor in the Town of Oakville for two terms. I have become increasingly alarmed since Justin Trudeau and his principle advisors, Gerald Butts and Katie Telford (who filled similar roles in the McGuinty/Wynne Ontario governments), have gained control in Ottawa. Their socialist vision, if allowed to be implemented, will seriously harm our great country for years to come and I am committed to doing my best to stop them.

  1. What is the most important/useful book a young Conservative should read and why?

I would encourage young Conservatives to read books of any kind from multiple perspectives. I enjoy true stories of overcoming hardship and peril in the face of overwhelming odds through teamwork, courage and leadership that will inspire everyone. The Boys in the Boat, The Endurance, Into the Silence and Into Thin Air are all good. I read the latter two while preparing for my climb to Everest Base Camp.

  1. What do you see as the most important current and future issues for young Canadians?

Sustainability. We have a great country, institutions, respect for the rule of law, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, a diverse economy, equal opportunities for all and a clean environment, all of which are the envy of the world. I perceive a sense of entitlement among some Canadians that these will continue without much effort on our part (“the budget will balance itself”). The current Federal Liberal government pays lip service to these great assets while implementing policies that will erode these strengths without being effective in enhancing any of them. To sustain what we have, Canadians must pay attention to the details, know where all of these good things came from and why, and work hard to sustain and enhance them in a real and effective way for future generations.

  1. What is the best way for a young person to get involved in the Conservative Party?

Simply, get involved. Join your local riding association. Volunteer for any campaigns. Read the local and national news in detail. Bring your passion for our great country to the Conservative Party.

Key Race Profile… Oakville North Burlington.

The riding of Oakville North Burlington is an extremely interesting riding to start with onband one in which I feel is both very important and can be won. Due to the fact that the riding is a new one ( it was contested for the first time in 2015) there is only so much historical data with regards to this exact riding, but, if you dig a little deeper you can see that this riding definitely is one that swings Conservative.

The best and most fair way to try to determine how a community will vote is to look to their past voting habits and try to gauge the likelihood that they will vote in a certain way. Now this is obviously not foolproof and going back more than two or three elections will probably not give you very accurate data as any longer will be giving results from people who no longer live in the community nor will it reflect those who have moved into it.

Also, I will look at the candidate that we are putting up against either the incumbent or in the case of a riding that doesn’t have one whoever they are running against. I feel that using these two points will be able to give us a pretty good idea of how strong a chance the Conservative Party has in taking the seat.

Having said this I feel that the riding of Oakville- North Burlington is a perfect opportunity to take a seat in a riding just outside the GTA thus begging to solidify our power in both Ontario and the GTA/ Halton region.

Past voting habits bear this theory if we look at the past three provincial and federal elections for the areas that now make up this riding (2015 was the first time it was contended) we can see that ONB has very Conservative voting tendencies. First the provincial voting record:

In 2018 the riding of Oakville North Burlington voted overwhelmingly for the Conservative candidate MPP. Effie Triantafilopoulos, thus now splitting the riding between a Liberal MP (Pam Damoff) and a Conservative MPP. Prior to this the a large part of what now makes up the ONB riding Voted Ted Chudleigh to Queens Park ( from 1999-2014)


At the federal level the riding is currently held by liberal MP. Pam Damoff, however, prior to this the riding of Halton voted conservative and this gives hope that with the Trudeau record they will again.  From 2006-08 the riding of Halton which again largely makes up the current riding of ONB voted in the Conservative Candidate Garth Turner. In 2008-11 the last time this riding would be contested as Halton they again elected a Conservative, current MP Lisa Raitt. It is these voting habits and the fact that it has consistently voted Conservative along with the terrible record of the Trudeau gov’t that leads me to think that Oakville North Burlington just outside the GTA is a great place to start with our key races.

5 Questions With… Peter MacKay

   1) Who were your political role model(s) growing up?peter mackay

 Robert Stanfield who was a NS premier and later led the Federal Party was someone I admired . He was principled , intelligent and hardworking . He came very close to defeating Pierre Trudeau and becoming PM . I was fortunate to have two parents who were active in Politics , My father as an MP/cabinet Minister with the Fed party & my mother more at the community level

2 )When did you become active in politics and why?

I first entered active politics by seeking the Fed nomination in 1997 in my home riding of what was then Pictou Antigonish Guysborough ( later Central Nova ). I had been involved in Several of my fathers campaigns as a young man & worked on Brian Mulroney’s Bi election win in 1983. I entered Fed politics at the urging of jean Charest. I had been thinking about it for some time but felt it would happen much later in my life . I was working as a crown prosecutor at the time and was quite content with my job , but saw first hand some inequities and problems in the justice system, particularly in its treatment of youth and victims . I decided the best way to change laws Nationally was to become a law maker and saw politics as a vehicle to do just that .

3 )What is the most important/useful book(s) a young Conservative should read and why?

Auto biographies of various Conservative Leaders are always a good way to grasp some of what I consider cornerstone principals of Conservative philosophy. There are some great ones available on people like Sir John A. Macdonald , Brian Mulroney , Ronald Reagan , Margaret Thatcher , Churchill & many others . I just read one on Sen John McCain who I was privileged to know & work with. A book I highly commend to young Conservatives is Full circle by Bob Plamondon which chronicles the history and formation of our current Conservative Party .

4 )What do you see as the most important current and future issues for young Canadians?

Canada’s place in the world , which is predicated on so many factors . Our economy , Justice system ,Military capability and Relationships with our allies and all countries , the environment,       employment and so many other critically important issues . yet so much of it comes back to our ability to manage our economy , be productive & competitive to reach our potential . With out the resources our quality of life and ability to support our citizens and those we wish to help is limited .

5 )What is the best way for a young person to get involved in Politics?

Student politics is one way . Joining a Campus club or attending meetings to ‘try it on ‘. Being involved in a campaign by volunteering is a great way to truly experience politics up close and personal . Riding associations or EDA”s always welcome youth in my experience . A person can very quickly can rise through the ranks of an organization , right up to being the candidate quite quickly if you have the desire and the skill set . It is incredibly important for young people to engage in politics given the issues and what is at stake . If you truly want to make a difference in your community , Province , Country or in areas you care passionately about , politics is a direct and compelling way to do so.

5 Questions With… MP. David Anderson

1)Who were your political role model(s) growing up?AndersonDavid_CPC

Ronald Reagan

2)When did you become active in politics and why?

Mid 1980s with the Reform Party. It was the only one speaking for Western Canadians.
Mid 1990s with the local school board. I thought it was important to be involved in education decisions.

3)What is the most important/useful book(s) a young Conservative should read and why?
The Bible, Jail House Justice by author Don Baron and anything written about William Wilberforce, because all these books deal with justice issues.

4)What do you see as the most important current and future issues for young Canadians?

Demographics mean young people will be paying huge tax bills to keep the system going.
Other: The Carbon tax, the deficit and the ability to think clearly in an age that is “ever hearing, but never understanding and ever seeing, but never perceiving.”


5)What is the best way for a young person to get involved in Politics?
Volunteer with a local Electoral District Association, especially during an election campaign.

5 Questions With… MP. Kelly Block


1)Who were your political role model(s) growing up?BlockKelly_CPC

I have a very hard choosing between the following historical figures: William Wilberforce, Abraham Lincoln, Sir Winston Churchill and John G. Diefenbaker.

All of these individuals displayed tremendous tenacity and strong beliefs which manifested in deeply rooted convictions.  Perhaps the two characteristics go together.  While I share my birthday with Sir Winston Churchill and the same deep abiding faith with William Wilberforce, I will narrow it down to Abraham Lincoln – whose quote “Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm” is a personal motto of mine – and especially John Diefenbaker.

Although Diefenbaker was born in Ontario and was eight when his family moved to what was still the North West Territories, I think of him as a Saskatchewanian and am proud that our province produced Canada’s 13th Prime Minister.

As I stated, I find Diefenbaker’s tenacity to be truly inspiring.  He contested elections throughout the 1920’s and 30’s until he was successful in 1940.

He appointed the first female to Cabinet as well as the first Aboriginal member to the Senate.

His commitment to human rights was unwavering. During his six years as PM, the Conservatives passed the Canadian Bill of Rights and granted the vote to the First Nations and Inuit Peoples.  Internationally, Diefenbaker led the stand against apartheid, which eventually resulted in South Africa’s departure from the Commonwealth.


2)When did you become active in politics and why?

I always took my duty to vote seriously and became involved in my community early in my life.

I was raised to understand that my rights needed to be balanced with personal responsibility and my commitment to my community.

In 1997, while I was serving on a Health District Board and at the municipal level, I became politically active both federally and provincially by joining the Reform Party and becoming a member of the newly founded Saskatchewan Party.

3)What is the most important/useful book(s) a young Conservative should read and why?

This is a difficult question.  My favourites are Amazing Grace by Eric Metaxas; Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin; True North by Bill George


 4)What do you see as the most important current and future issues for young Canadians?

Maintaining our freedoms: freedom of thought, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion or belief, freedom of speech.

As John Diefenbaker so eloquently said “I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong or free to choose those who will govern my country.  This heritage I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.”

Reiterating our commitment to and standing firm for, those freedoms is as important today as it ever has been.