1)Why did you decide to run for the Conservative nomination in your riding?greg Mclean

I’ve been involved on the periphery of politics for decades, and I previously served two Cabinet Ministers in Ottawa during the Mulroney years.  At that time, we accomplished a lot in modernizing government, and privatizing parts of the Government’s service offerings that served the public better outside of government.  Since that time, I’ve spent two decades in the financial industry, including the management of funds, private equity, and venture capital.  I’ve always retained my interest in public policy, and have provided advice to officials when it has been sought.

With that background, I have watched as the current Liberal Government has led this country on a path that is unsustainable.  Deficits and their mounting costs will be the ruin of our children’s generation.  The current approach to Canada’s energy industry will drive business and investment out of this country for decades.  Internationally, we have positioned ourselves as one of the weakest countries in the developed world – largely dependent on the goodwill of our allies, in a changing and precarious world.  Obviously, I have a view of Canada’s future which is drastically different from the short term nature of the current government’s policies.  We need to build this country and provide a home that is a beacon to the people of the world.  Building on our country’s strengths – our people, our intellectual capital, and our resources – along with the companies that have grown here and prospered in the world because of these advantages – will provide us with the prosperity we need to address the demographic and societal changes that will be thrust on us.

I have strong opinions on this country’s future and the direction in which we are heading; I have experience with fixing companies that are adapting to changing environments; and I have a background of accomplishments within government.  I looked at what is required of our political leaders at this point, and I put myself forth as a candidate.  Standing on the sidelines is not an option.

2) Who are your role models both political and outside of politics that inspired you to run for office?

I joined the Progressive Conservative Party (as it was then called) when I was at the University of Alberta.  Like many of my generation, I was inspired by the leadership of Premier Peter Lougheed.  His was an example of public service that still stands as a benchmark against which we can assess all our leaders.  He was steadfast and methodical in his approach to finding solutions to impasses, and he provided a vision for his province that was an evolution from what existed before him.  Even in his greatest conflicts, he rose above the fray, and managed outcomes that worked to his advantage.  Hard work, preparation, and an understanding of the breadth of outcomes available was his hallmark.  He was always kind – even to those with whom he disagreed.  Above all, he showed us that a leader is a servant of the people – one on whom much depends.  He expected much from people around him, and he acted as an example for those expectations.  He delivered, and he exceeded high expectations.

From the halls of Canadian business, and from direct personal experience, I have great admiration for my friend, Peter Armstrong.  Peter took on the task of turning the Rocky Mountaineer railroad into one of the greatest tourist offerings in Canada, if not the world.  His success was the result of constant hard work, an understanding of the tourism market, and a ceaseless commitment to serve his clients excellently.  I learned much from him.

3)What do you feel is the most important issue in the upcoming election?

There are two answers to this question:

From the perspective of all Canadians, we need to acknowledge the efforts and sacrifices of generations of leaders who have helped build this country.  We have inherited an economy and a social system that are the envy of much of the world, and we need to continue the effort of building Canada as a cohesive democracy that serves our citizens well, given our unique position in the world.  Recognizing the unsustainability of the path Canada is currently taking, under this Liberal Government, is fundamental to avoid further damage to our brand and our future.  Neglecting the change urgently required will take years of correction, and impact our ability to make important choices going forward.  We can and should be doing so much better in so many ways.

In Calgary Centre, where I am seeking election, the top issue is our inability to get our resources to market. The world price of oil is not causing this Alberta recession – it is our inability to move our product efficiently to markets, and to broaden our customer base for our products. That is directly the fault of this federal government. Our current Liberal MP voted in favour of Bills C-69 and C-48, both of which make it harder for Albertans – and Canadians – to prosper.  The Government’s inaction is costing Canadians $80 million per day.  Recognize this is not delayed revenue – but a transfer of our wealth to others, who are capitalizing at our expense.  A Conservative government will reverse that bad legislation, create a coast-to-coast infrastructure corridor, and make Canada energy-independent by 2030 – which means no more foreign oil from environmentally reckless countries.

Am I allowed a second issue? With my background in finance, I am astounded by the pace at which we are racking up debt. People understand that debt comes with interest payments – which currently equates to $7,000 per family of four.  That’s a good sum for most families, and would pay for many services that will go unfunded as our debt mounts.  And it is a direct transfer from working, taxpaying Canadians to financial market participants – many of whom are offshore.  Debt means higher taxes for the next generation because of our lack of spending discipline today. Someone has to pay it back. People understand that.

4)What is the best way for a person to get involved in your campaign?

We welcome volunteers and there are lots of jobs to do. Go to my website at and click on the Help Greg button to see some of the options. When you are ready to volunteer, there is a sign up form on the website and we’ll call you.


Key Race Profile… Calgary Centre

Our latest installment of the Key Race Candidates is in a riding that Andrew Scheer Calgary-Centre_2013_Ridingand the Conservative Party of Canada certainly feel will turn “Blue” in the fall, Calgary Centre. This is a riding with a long history of voting Conservative, since the creation of the riding in 1968 this riding has gone Conservative in some way or form every election but one, the previous election. During the 2015 loss of this seat the Liberals won the riding in one of the narrowest victories of the entire election winning by a margin of 750 votes in a riding that has a population of approx. 84,000 people prior to this race the Conservative party (or conservative minded party of the day) typically won the riding by a large margin. The current MP of the riding Kent Hehr has also seen some controversy that will definitely weigh on the minds of the voters this October, including accusations of sexually inappropriate conduct and insensitive comments to survivors of thalidomide. This riding is clearly Conservative minded and the win by the Liberals was most certainly an anomaly that will most certainly be rectified this October.

On top of this the party is running an absolutely incredible candidate Greg McLean who will represent the great riding of Calgary Centre in Ottawa with dignity and strength. Mr. McLean has an absolute incredible and diverse background that will be of huge benefit to his constituents. He has worked in many industries in different capacities.  Not only does Mr. McLean have management experience at the highest level as well as serving on the boards of many large companies, he has also served the public at the federal level advising to two Canadian Ministers across many different portfolios. Mr. McLean will bring back a strong advocate for small business in Calgary Centre, using his corporate background to allow the riding to once again thrive while paying lower taxes, fighting to get Canadian resources to more markets and having a true champion for  in Ottawa.

#8 Justin Trudeau’s Blunders and Broken Promises… Trudeau’s House of Hypocrisy!

angry truThe latest installment of Justin Trudeau’s Broken Promises and Blunders is the promise that Justin Trudeau would be a leader open to listening to his cabinet and facilitating a team environment…WRONG! Justin Trudeau has loved to portray this image of a leader built on tolerance and inclusion, but, he has continually failed to live up to his own standard and expectations.

A prime example of this is on the issue of allowing his caucus members to vote freely on all issues other than a few exceptions. This again fit hand and glove with his outside persona of teamwork and equality, however, this only went as far as the caucus agreeing with Mr. Trudeau and Gerald Butts. Scott Simms and Wayne Long were both punished by the Trudeau government (in MP Simms case it cost him a position as a Committee Chair) for simply voting against their leader. Justin Trudeau came into office promising to do politics differently, but, he has been more tyrannical than most leaders.

His façade of loving differing opinions is only valid in the abstract, but, when put in practice Mr. Trudeau has proven to be unable to concede power to anyone other than his close knit team. This may be one of numerous reasons why so many sitting MPs (many of which are first term MPs) have chosen not to run again they cannot deal with such a toxic working environment. #8 on the List Just Trudeau’s House of Hypocrisy.

Getting To Know… Jonas Smith

1. Why did you decide to run for the Conservative nomination in your riding?j. smith

I have been involved with the Conservative Party in the Yukon in several capacities for many years, including serving a term on the National Council. As a function of my role as Councilor it was my job to recruit potential candidates, but the more prospective contestants I interviewed, the more it became apparent that the candidate I was searching for was looking at me in the mirror.

2. Who are your role models both political and outside of politics that inspired you to run for office?

During my term serving in the office of the Premier of the Yukon, I had the privilege of working with elected members across all levels of government and of all party stripes, which cemented my respect for anyone who puts their name forward for public service. I was also brought up to believe that democracy is precious and worth defending, largely because of my grandparents’ military service. I feel  that public office is the best way that I personally can serve my community and honour what previous generations of Canadians worked so hard to build.

3. What do you feel is the most important issue in the upcoming election?

The future of our Canadian identity. From taking pride in Canadian resources and enterprise, to earning and maintaining the respect of our peers on the international stage, to simply living within our financial means so that our children have the opportunities they deserve, the current Liberal government’s agenda is contrary to many of the core values that I was taught are what make us Canadians.

4. What is the best way for a person to get involved in your campaign?

Reach out to us on social media, through our website, or pick up the telephone. We have a place on the team for every level of availability, experience and talent. The Yukon is a small, tight-knit jurisdiction and I am committed to remaining accessible to all Yukoners. Our election outcomes are often determined by a relatively small margin, so here more than anywhere every vote counts!


Our Next Key Race Candidate involves an election that covers an entire Yukon Mapprovince that going forwards will have major geopolitical ramifications… the next installment is Yukon. The Yukon is most certainly a seat that the Party has a serious chance of taking back from the incumbent liberals and the party is running a candidate that is Yukon to the core Jonas Smith!  Mr. Smith is the third generation to call the territory home and has strong roots of service in the Yukon.

The Yukon is an extremely important part of Canada to begin with, however, with the recent interest in the North by foreign countries such as China and Russia it is more important than ever that citizens of the Yukon and Canadians in general feel that they have a champion who is going to stick up for them in the international political sphere. The world needs to know that the north belongs to Canada and the only way this will happen is with strong leaders like Jonas Smith. Also, with the economics of the Yukon over the next few years predicted to outpace the rest of Canada (the mining industry is predicted to drive a major boom in the Yukon) the citizens need a government that they can trust with their finances and who will champion infrastructure and development projects both of which the Liberals have been extremely inept at.

The Yukon also has a Conservative voting history having elected Ryan Leaf in the previous parliament and current polls show a dead heat between the Liberal incumbent and Jonas Smith. Mr. Smith has a strong record of service in Yukon, as mentioned earlier he is third generation. He has an excellent record of public service having worked in the office of the previous Premier as his deputy chief of staff. Yukon will also a strong ally in Ottawa with regards to their most important resource the mining industry. Jonas Smith has worked as the Executive Director of the Klondike Placers Mining Association and is a strong advocate for the responsible and sustainable mining practices. Mining is going to be a driving force of the Yukon economy going forwards and the citizen’s need a champion who understands the importance of this industry and that is Jonas Smith.  Having considered all of this it most certainly seems that this is a race that not only a very winnable race, but considering the importance of the Yukon it is a MUST win and the party should do all it can to take this seat back.

5 Questions With… Stockwell Day

1)Who were your political role model(s) growing up?Consul General Phil Chicola and Minister Stockwell Day with their Spouses

My parents: From our youth they brought political discussion to the daily dinner table,and also showed by example the importance( and fun) of getting involved in election campaigns at the local level. Two:Pierre Trudeau:Though I disagreed with many of his policies a study of his progress in politics demonstrates the importance of (a) getting key political people into local and national positions in ways that did not appear ‘political’.(2)understanding that most mainstream media report emotively from a leftist world view (3)understanding that  style in modern politics can often overwhelm substance (4) understanding a significant percentage of voters can be convinced that deficits and debt are not a problem as long as you promise them they will personally be significant beneficiaries of that debt. (5) Understanding that If your politics lean harshly to the left just keep telling people your are fighting for the middle class and you will be successful in attaining many of your leftist goals.( Note his son Justin learned the importance of the above 5 points,but has been proven  much clumsier in implementing them.)
Three: Abraham Lincoln,Winston Churchill,Nelson Mandela.Each proved that every now and then people can win in politics (without embracing the 5 points Machiavellian points above)if they are prepared to go through through the fire and personally pay the price for boldly declaring the time tested truths which cause communities and nations to endure and thrive.

2)When did you become active in politics and why?

First campaign speech,in Montreal,was when I was 16,in my high school general assembly,appealing to fellow high schoolers that it was a matter of social injustice that the cheerleading squad only showed up to football games,never soccer games. Result:Our next soccer game was the first time in the history of our high school that the cheerleaders showed up to cheer on a soccer team.( Note:it was also the last time.)
   Second campaign.(Twenty years later) In Alberta,with other volunteer activists,organizing a two year long campaign advocating for meaningful school choice. Result: To this day Alberta offers the widest array of K-12 school choices ( including charter schools,online schools,trades focused,arts focused,religious focused etc)
  Third campaign: Almost unseated a long term incumbent who was opposed to school choice.
  Fourth Campaign: Elected MLA as a relative unknown even though during the entire campaign we were pilloried by local media for supporting democratic choice in education.
  All Subsequent Campaigns:(,provincial and federal) ,worked  with volunteer and elected activists,to achieve ongoing  degrees of success in eliminating deficits,while reducing debt and taxes in the process.
3)What is the most important/useful book(s) a young Conservative should read and why?
(1)’Lincoln On Leadership’ Author,Donald Phillips 2)’The Way the World Works,author Jude Wanniski. this book is about 40 years old,now has the benefit of hindsight upholding its important premises (4) ‘Suicide of the West’ Author Jonah Goldberg. New book,acute observations on the ascendancy of the Left and how to respond.

4)What do you see as the most important current and future issues for young Canadians?

See Question 3, book 4

 ‘Suicide of the West’ Author Jonah Goldberg. New book,acute observations on the ascendancy of the Left and how to respond.

5)What is the best way for a young person to get involved in Politics and the Conservative party?

Covered in question 1.

#9 Justin Trudeau’s Blunders and Broken Promises…The Fake Feminist.

Number nine on the list of Trudeau’s biggest “Blunders and Broken Promises” is the trudeau partyingTrudeau brand of fake feminism. Justin Trudeau constantly claims that he is a feminist and has done more for women than any leader in Canadian history, but, much like most of the things that Mr. Trudeau claims when one looks deeper into this you see just how false this is. Mr. Trudeau’s feminism is  a mile wide and an inch deep. He has not lived up to his high standards that he holds everyone else up to. Justin Trudeau has a member of his caucus who was accused of sexually harassing women while he was an MLA and instead of removing from his caucus he allowed him to resign from the cabinet while still allowing him to sit as a Liberal MP.

Next was Justin Trudeau being accused of unwanted sexual touching of a reporter while at a music festival 18 years ago. Justin Trudeau’s response to this was that ‘The same interactions can be experienced very differently from one person to the next’. This most certainly is the not answer of a feminist and his hypocrisy is unsettling. I do not think that a leader who has so much respect for women would ever make such a pathetic excuse for such appalling behaviour. And I will get into his behaviour towards strong women who do not act as he demands in a later edition. Justin Trudeau’s feminism is superficial at best and it’s time that he either acts like a true feminist or stops hiding behind this pathetic script.